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Located in beautiful Southern California, the GEMSA headquarters sports an incredible 80,000 square feet of modern, reliable and efficient machinery we can take pride in.

A Diverse Approach

Importing fresh, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from quality groves around the world is where the journey began. Soon after filling a void in commercial kitchens by supplying quality Olive oil to the local Southern California market, the product offerings expanded to a variety of multi-use, versatile oils that served markets nationwide. Expansion of the product list came along with a Quality Assurance on the Global Food Safety Initiative, GFSI program. Today, our products list has broadened to focus on NGMO project verified, and USDA organic oils, with our markets touching foreign shores. 

Today, GEMSA has expanded to many different oils and blends that have helped leverage GEMSA to one of the most regarded U.S. companies in its industry. Nonetheless, there is as much care taken now when sourcing, processing, and bottling our precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil as ever before. All Extra Virgin Olive oils supplied by GEMSA comply with USDA and international (IOC) regulations. Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils that meet the California Specification brought forth by the California Olive Oil Association are also available. Refined “A” olive oil: GEMSA Refined Olive Oil is always obtained by pressing the whole, olive fruit and 100% refined to meet the strictest specifications. A great choice for industrial use and food manufacturers who need a fresh and stable oil. Pure olive oil: This product is very similar to the refined “A” olive oil but with the inclusion of virgin olive oil to add flavor and color to achieve an olive oil that is more versatile and heat resistant with a light olive flavor. Ideal for sautéing, baking, light frying, as well as sauces and dressings. Grapeseed oil: A first choice for creating a dressing or sauce with clean, and nutty flavor.  Grapeseed oil is highly regarded for high temperature cooking, its high smoke point, and for not transferring flavor from one ingredient to the other.

Qualified & Certified

GEMSA’s various qualifications and certifications is what brings purity and quality, strictly by complying with the NGMO Project, USDA, and international (IOC) regulations. GEMSA offers a diverse selection of oils and blends meeting such requirements, as well as being governed and monitored for the USDA by Quality Assurance International (QAI).

State of the Art

GEMSA’s facility is equipped with state of the art machinery in order to uphold top of the line oil quality. The foodservice division has rooted itself as one of the cornerstones of the Western United States foodservice industry, changing the way that commercial kitchens cook since 1993 through contributions such as truth in labeling, proven quality, and service. Off the shelf house brands are ready to use, with private label options available for distributors.

Quality You Can Count On

GEMSA’s highest requirements not only meet, but exceed American Standards. GEMSA brings in a unique and traditional flavor from overseas in order to uphold the most sought-after oils, and that is simply by following the Italian tradition of quality, history, and purity.

American Standard, Italian Tradition

Competitively importing Extra Virgin Olive Oil from quality groves around the world is why GEMSA gained its name. Today, GEMSA has expanded to many different oils and blends that have helped leverage GEMSA to one of the most regarded U.S. companies in its industry.

Ever Increasing Facility

In order to comply with all of the necessary requirements, GEMSA’s facility is always a step ahead by making sure that our facilities follow the specifications to continuously obtain the highest integrity of being part of the USDA and monitored by QAI. Therefore, GEMSA’s ever evolving facility offers fresh, USDA Organic products in select retail and foodservice packaging sizes with industrial bulk options.

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